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Portrait: The fakir

A photo i took during a fakir-show in Oslo. Love the crispness of the flames, and the show was amasing as well, but i was kind of busy taking pictures of it 🙂


Another Oslo shot

Oslo by night

This is what Oslo can look like by night. This was taken from an old cornsilo (who is now apartments) on the east side of town. Here you can almost get a 360 degree view of town. The view is very beautiful from up there. Sorry for the bad quality on this photo, but i cant fint my .raw files. 😦

Take a walk.. (part one)

I am not very good at exterior photography, at lest not making it somthing special. I desided to take a walk one night and try to take som pictures that combine somthing that is relatively exteriorish, with some scenery. This is some of the pictures i ended up with.



Taken for one of my trainee-assignments, one of total 3 pictures in a portrait-series. The rest i have yet not finished working on, but hopefully i will soon, so i can deliver them : )

I chose to take my friend Marty’s music-interests as a theme for the pictures.

Internasjonalen bar, Oslo 2