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Portrait: The fakir

A photo i took during a fakir-show in Oslo. Love the crispness of the flames, and the show was amasing as well, but i was kind of busy taking pictures of it 🙂


Portrait: Afroman from Norway

Another portrait of my friend Marty. Love his style, looks very 70’s. Did some work to get the black & white right on this one, and think the result turned out pretty good. There are more challanges if you want an outside photography to get as good as a studio photography when it comes to lightning, but this evening in the park the light was just perfect.

Taken with my (crappy) EOS 350D and a nice big tele; Canon 70-200mm L-series f2.8. Hope you like it, and its always nice with comments. 😉

Waldorf architecture

Last weekend i was in Sweden (my girlfriend is swedish). We went to a place called Järna, outside Stockholm. This place is kind of the centre of the anthroposophical movement in Sweden og probably scandinavia. I know litte about this, and to be frank dont have much interest in it either. But I found it interesting watching all  the different architecture.

Another Oslo shot

Oslo by night

This is what Oslo can look like by night. This was taken from an old cornsilo (who is now apartments) on the east side of town. Here you can almost get a 360 degree view of town. The view is very beautiful from up there. Sorry for the bad quality on this photo, but i cant fint my .raw files. 😦

The Blockheads

Another exterior photography i took, but some time a go. Worked a little on it in Photoshop, but nothing more than colors and contrasts.

Take a walk.. (part two)