Take a walk.. (part two)


Take a walk.. (part one)

I am not very good at exterior photography, at lest not making it somthing special. I desided to take a walk one night and try to take som pictures that combine somthing that is relatively exteriorish, with some scenery. This is some of the pictures i ended up with.



Taken for one of my trainee-assignments, one of total 3 pictures in a portrait-series. The rest i have yet not finished working on, but hopefully i will soon, so i can deliver them : )

I chose to take my friend Marty’s music-interests as a theme for the pictures.


Studio shoot with Wilma

This picture i took during one of my studio-shoots of my girlfriend Wilma. Just having fun in the studio and playing with light and shadows

Internasjonalen bar, Oslo 2

Internasjonalen bar, Oslo

A nice quiet sunday in Oslo by night.