So who am I..?

Im not really quiet sure myself, but im starting to get an idea..

My name is Ruben, im 22 years old. Born and grown up in Oslo, the capital of Norway. At the moment, much of my time is used to take photos and work in a photo-studio.

Im currently a photographer-apprentice and have been for about the last year, and I have a little more than a year left.

The thing i like the best about this proffesion is the variation of it. You can be creative, you have to communicate with people (at least in a portrait studio), it involves some handwork, and of course a lot of technical things to learn. For instance about setting light and getting it right.

I mostly shoot digital atm, but love the old fashion way with film and darkroom processing.Im planning to get to do some more of that in the near future.

I also love to do other things, like different sports. Mostly extreme sports. I have snowboarded for the last 11 years. Im longboarding, rock-climbing, and are planning to by myself a kite (for kitesurfing) in the near future. If you havent tryed it; you should! Its so much fun, and its nice to do things involving nature forces.

I dont know exactly what the future will bring for me, but I have some ideas about what I want to do when I finish my current eductaion. I want to travel, I want to meet new people, I want to go to surfcamp, I want to earn some money, I want to work some months in the alps and snowboard, I want to have my own exhibition, I want to make a book, I want to buy my own apartment etcetc.

So; my goal with this blog is hopefully to get some feedback and comments on my pictures. Thats what makes you better with photography. And of course I hope to get some of my toughts and ideas out on the “paper”.

some words about myself..


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